Taking a Bite Out of An Apple, Try weBond product

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Taking a Bite Out of An Apple

We’ve discussed in a previous blog article about what people thought made one product more desirable than another and then followed on with comparisons of our competitors’ products against the weBond product. We pointed out how the weBond product outdistanced its competitors in several key areas, namely communications capabilities, monitoring ability and price. Looking at the overall package, we believe the weBond product provides the right kind of personal security device a parent would want for their child. #weBondsmartwatches

With the news of Apple® introducing a new smartwatch to the market, we wondered if an “apple-to-apple” comparison (excuse our pun please) with their new smartwatch would bear out our belief that the weBond product compares favorably and in some cases, surpassing the Apple Series 3 GPS + Cellular smartwatch in its capabilities. We posed this question to Tarek Mourad, our COO, who responded, “I know our vision and continuous innovation is different than Apple’s but I want parents researching personal security devices to see how our weBond smartwatch performs against the heavy hitters.” With that sendoff, we performed our comparison: #gpssmartwatch

  • The Series 3 watch has a dual-core processor and a separate Wi-Fi chip whereas the weBond product has an integrated single-core processor, ARMv7-based chip containing a dual-mode Bluetooth and an integrated 2G modem. weBond product one chip does what Apple’s two chips do.
  • The Series 3 watch does have features that clearly indicates it is a sports smartwatch. The weBond product is a personal security tracking device but it does have a pedometer and future releases will have more fun apps and tools. Plus, the weBond product is targeted for 4 to 12-year-old kids; the Series 3 watch is for adults with its features. We call this a draw because both watches do address their target audiences.
  • weBond product has a longer battery life.
  • Apple has a higher screen resolution.
  • The iPhone and the Series 3 watch must be on the same carrier plan to sync/pair; the weBond product uses an app to syncronize the parent’s cell phone to the weBond product
  • weBond product has parental controls whereas the Series 3 does not. weBond product parental controls include download of contacts from parent’s phone, alerts, notifications, geo fencing, current location and location history, second-parent monitoring, SOS button, and perimeter alarms. #weBondproduct
  • To address the white elephant in the room we come to the price. Apple’s Series 3 STARTS at $399 with personalisation and fashion items (Hermes anyone?) raising the price even further. weBond  smartwatch is a modest $139.
  • No worries about the weBond product smartwatch not standing up to rugged play as its casing is of sturdy construction; however, the Series 3 has ceramic backing which can break.

Outside of the target audience being different in the features between the two smartwatches, the weBond product held its own and offers affordability, ease of use, rugged construction, and parental controls. The Apple Series 3 smartwatch does not offer these features. More importantly, the weBond product offers a sense of security and peace of mind for parents; something the Apple Series 3 just doesn’t do. #gpsforkids

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