Frequently Asked Questions

Would a wearable plan work with the smart watch?

No, the devices require the use of a regular phone plan with data. A minimum of $5/month plan.

Before I buy, is there a way I can find out if the coverage is adequate in my area?

Yes. Click the link below, click on the area (City/State) of interest. A pictorial display shows the coverage for the information given.


When can I purchase my device?

Now! You can buy it from this website.

What is weBond’s warranty?

weBond Inc. offers a one-year limited warranty. For warranty details, please see the Support pages on weBond’s web site (webondinc.com/warranty/).

What is weBond’s return policy?

Only if the product is defective, you can exchange all items within 7 days from the date of purchase. A proof of purchase, all items, and all packaging must be included in the for exchange. For more information, please see the support pages on the weBond’s web site (webondinc.com/return-policy/).

How secure is weBond’s Products? Can anyone listen in?

weBond takes your privacy seriously. The function allowing the parent to listen in on their child’s activities can only be accessed via the app, which requires an account with correct login/password credentials. To further protect your privacy, we strongly recommend creating a strong and secure password that would be hard for others to guess.

What phones work with weBond’s app?

The app works with all Android and iOS phones.

Where can I download the app?

For Android phones, you can download the app from the Play Store. For iOS phones, you can download the app from the App Store.

Am I able to download apps or games on the products?

No, you are not able to download other games and apps to the weBond's products.

How can I keep my child from removing the device?

The watch products comes with a latch that helps prevent removal. If the smartwatch is removed, the parent will receive a notification on their linked device alerting them that the latch has been broken and the smartwatch removed.

Are the watches adjustable for different wrist sizes?

Yes, the bands can adjust to most wrist sizes and measures around 7.5 inches in length.

I’m worried about the screen being damaged?

Children are exploring all the time; hence, they may damage the product. In these cases, weBond replaces damaged products at a reasonable price.

Will water damage the product?

While weSport smart watch is water proof and can be submerged, the other watches are water resistant but not waterproof. This means you cannot submerge the devices and expect it to work afterward. This action would also void the warranty. While you can play water sports and swim with the weSport smart watch, you shouldn’t wear the other smart watches while playing watersports.

Is it easy to charge the devices?

Yes, charging the watches and other weBond devices is easy. Simply connect the device using the provided USB connector to any USB port to charge the smartwatch or device.

When charged, how long will the battery last between charges?

Our extended life battery lasts over 24 hours when fully charged and in standby mode, it can last up to 3 days.

What other device do I need to make the smart watch work?

Because the watch is a cell phone, it can work independently from a cell phone. The parent can use their linked cell phone to set up/download the contacts and other items, and be able to track the smart watch and other weBond devices through the app. That’s it. No Bluetooth required.

How do I receive alerts?

You can view your alerts via a web page or any smart device that has the weBond app installed. You must also be logged into your account.

Can multiple devices receive the same alert on one account?

Yes, simply add multiple smart devices to the same account to receive the same alerts.

What are the types of alerts I could see on my phone?

There are three types of alerts: the SOS alert, Band Removal alert, and the Geo-fence alert.

§  The SOS alert notifies the parents, local authorities, or other predetermined individual that the child may be in danger.

§  The Band Removal alert sends a notification to the parents when the smart watch is removed from the child’s wrist.

§  The Geo-fence alert sends a notification to the parents when the child passes over a set virtual “fence” boundaries.

What makes the weBond devices different from other smartwatches?

A few of the differences are:

§  Our devices send notifications to your phone while other watches send notifications to the app and unless you open the app, you will not see their notification. This is extremely important.

§  Our devices have various communication methods including text and phone calls; other watches require subscription charges for this capability.

§  Our devices have two-way communications; most other watches do not.

§  Review our blog post “The Proof is in the Pudding” for more information.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can have on the smart watch?

Yes, you can have up to 13 contacts (located on the Home screen). The first three are the primary contacts (i.e. Mom, Dad, Police) and the additional 10 contacts are for trusted friends and family members.

How do I control what calls can be placed and received on the smart watch?

You control all calls placed or received by the device since you have control of which numbers it can call or receive from. You can do that by turning on the smartwatch’s firewall.

How do you listen to voice messages on the smart watch?

Just like any other smart phone, the smart watch has a built-in speaker so you should have no problem with hearing the message.  

Can I set the smart watch to a “busy” mode or something similar so my child is not disturbed?

Yes, the smart watch has a “do not disturb” setting. While this setting is active, only emergency calls can be made from the device.

Can I use my own cell phone carrier and SIM card?

The watch comes with its own phone number and sim card. All you have to do is to activate it. T-Mobile customers can purchase an additional sim card from a T-Mobile store if they wish to do so.

Is the smart watch locked to one cell phone carrier?

The smartwatch is unlocked (a phone number and sim card will be provided). Any service that uses a T-Mobile Tower system can operate with the watch. We recommend T-Mobile for convenience.

What Service Plans are available?

Initially, we are launching with T-Mobile services. All T-Mobile customers have the choice to purchase a sim card.

You do not need to have any particular provider because we provide a phone number and sim card anyways.

How much are the monthly cell phone charges?

If you are an existing T-Mobile user, you can add a new phone line with data to your family plan for $10 per month.

The sim card that we provide requires a minimum of $5 per month for voice, text, and data. Heavy users have the choice to purchase a more expensive plan (but they don’t have to).

Are there long-term contracts I must agree to?

No. These contracts are month-to-month and can be terminated at any time.

Does the smart watch work internationally?

Yes they can, You will need an international plan with your cell phone provider to allow your smartwatch to work in other countries.

You may need to purchase a compatible SIM card for your device that will work in Europe and reset the APN settings. Send our team an email at support@webondinc.com with the carrier’s name and we will be happy to assist you with this.

Does the smart watch use a lot of data in a month?

Monthly, the data usage of the devices is about 100MB. This should be covered by the $5 service.

Can my smart watch work without a user account?

No, you must have a user account and be logged in for the devices to be connected to your mobile app. This is to protect your privace.

If I deactivate my device, does that automatically cancel my account?

No, your account will remain active until you cancel it. You can deactivate your device and account at any time.