Festival fun is always a good idea

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Festival fun is always good idea

It’s the end of the week and the entire family is looking forward for fun to a local festival that has been months in the planning. Everyone has their favorite section they want to go to – the kids have a mini-midway and other kid-centered activities while the parents have the shopping, food, music, and other special venues.

Since each family member have their own interests, handling the logistics can be problematic.

Fun is always brilliant.Even having cell phones only wouldn’t give their location and let parents know quickly where their kids are. As far as the midway, kids carrying cell phones on rides may not be practical as the possibility of damage from falls or crush and crack points rises. In short, this family needs a wearable GPS tracking device that will:

  • Define a “kid safe zone” with alert notifications
  • Allow parents to quickly track and locate their child
  • Have multiple means of communications
  • Call for help in emergencies

weBond Inc.’s  Gen III smartwatch can do that. Here’s the breakdown:

weBond integrates geo-fencing and GPS technologies, which allows the parents to set virtual “fence lines” around a defined area. These virtual lines are monitored so that if the watch crosses over the set lines, an alert is sent to the parents notifying them of the condition.

The weBond product smartwatch uses its tracking application and GPS technology to track and quickly locate your child. This handy application also lets you see a list of previous locations. If the watch is removed, the parent is alerted so they can take action.

With the weBond product smartwatch, there is no need for the child to carry a cell phone because the smartwatch is a phone that can send and receive calls. Other two-way communications available in the weBond product are texting, voice messaging, and chat mode.

A great safety feature of the weBond product is the “one touch” programmable buttons in which a child can simply touch or swipe once to get help. This could be in the form of a call to local authorities, a family member, or another trusted individual.

If this family was equipped with the weBond product smartwatches, they could have programmed them days before the festival by:

  1. Entering in the location so they can set the virtual fence lines for the kids’ safe zone.
  2. Set the alerts they want (i.e. boundary violation, loss of contact, contacts, etc.) and notification conditions.
  3. Set the programmable “one-touch” buttons to contact programmed individuals in case of emergency.

By the end of the day, the family would meet at a central location (made possible by set alerts) and head for the car safe and happy. Any logistics problem this family had was eased by using the weBond product smartwatch and its capabilities.

The only worry this family should have now is – how are they going to get that big stuffed bear home?

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