Field Trip with your children

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Field Trip with your children

Learning comes in many forms and one of the fun activities children enjoy during the school year is going on field trip’s.

Whether it’s planning for a trip to the local planetarium, natural science museum or a farm to learn about animals and agriculture, keeping track of that many people is challenging and takes strategic planning.

The teacher and their aides, and the volunteer chaperones have to ensure kids get on the right bus with the right class, do a roll call before and after boarding the bus, and generally act as traffic coordinators. (And this is before the bus even leaves the school grounds.) Once they get to their destination, they repeat the steps again. After they are inside the building, the adults are constantly counting heads.

The trip ends with the kids boarding the buses for the return to the school and again, the teachers, aides, and chaperones go through the same roll call/head counting procedures to make sure all children are safe and accounted for. When the buses return to the school, the procedure is repeated one final time as the kids offload the buses and file into their classrooms. A way that could make field trips easier to manage involves a wearable GPS tracking device that can track and locate the children within a certain area.

Imagine the children on this field trip wearing these devices that would allow the teacher to monitor their locations and take action in case one of them goes outside the boundaries set. Field trips now become easier to manage, which mean the teacher can devote more time to answering the students’ questions and engaging their curiosity. weBond Inc.’s product GPS smartwatch is the option that could help in these situations.

If the school was equipped with the weBond product smartwatches, the teacher (or the school’s IT department) could program them before the field trip by:

  1. Entering in the location so they can “draw” boundary lines that sets the kids permitted area.
  2. Set the alerts (i.e. boundary violation, loss of contact, etc.) and notification conditions.
  3. Set the programmable “one touch” buttons to contact predetermined individuals in case of emergency.

When set, the weBond product with its inventive tracking application team up to provide a tracking and locator tool that delivers this information to the teacher along with a measure of safety for the child. Geo-fencing and GPS technologies provide the framework for being able to set to set these virtual “fence lines” around a predetermined area and if those lines are crossed by the student, an alert is sent to the teacher. If the watch is removed, the teacher is notified so they can take action.

Educators and parents need adequate tools to help safeguard the children. The weBond product GPS smartwatch provides several possibilities to aid in that activity. At weBond Inc., we care about the children who are our future. Make the investment to help secure that future for our children.

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