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The Great Outdoors, Kids love to play - weBond

Kids playing in the park, climbing trees, or biking at top speed to save the kingdom from an army of ogres – scenes like these play out in cities across the nation on any given day. Active and healthy kids are happy kids and as parents, we need to make sure they continue to be physically active.

Kids love to play so you have to be responsible parents, you check the areas where your kids play, what the traffic is like, and see if there are any other possible issues. Everything looks good and now you’re faced with the dilemma of making sure your child stays within the boundaries you set. (Because we all were young once too and we know how it can sometimes go, don’t we?)

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to place an invisible fence around an area to make it a safe zone for your child? A zone where your child could play and you could stop thinking you’re turning into the stereotypical “helicopter parent”? (definition: overprotective turned up a notch or two)

Or how about when your child wants to go biking and hiking with friends through some wooded areas but you worry about how far off the beaten path it really is. What if they get hurt or lost? What if they run across unexpected wildlife? What if no one has a way of calling for help? The litany of “what ifs” keep running through your mind.

Here’s a “what if” that you won’t mind – what if there was a wearable GPS that could “virtually draw” a boundary to make a safe zone for your child, or be used to call for help? weBond Inc. weBond product weConnect smartwatch can do all that and more.

Interested? We hope so.

The weBond product smartwatch uses GPS and “geo-fencing” technologies to provide location and tracking information that works together to act as a kind of virtual “blanket” and safety net. When your child passes over the boundary programmed by the parent, presto! The parent gets a notification. Worried about your child taking off the watch? No problem. If they do, you’ll get a notification for that too!

Even in less populated areas, if your child encounters trouble, they can simply activate the SOS feature on the smartwatch to call the police, their parents, or another trusted individual. The parent can activate weBond’s tracking application on their cell phone to locate their child. The weBond product is also capable of making calls, texting, leave a message, or chatting quickly and easily. You’re never far away from your child.

The weBond product smartwatch contains a high-performance processor, new hardware design, and extended battery life coupled with an easy-to-use touchscreen all packaged in an attractive, sleek casing in bold and vibrant colors. Keeping tabs on active kids has just gotten easier. With weBond’s product Gen III smartwatch, tracking and communicating power are at your fingertips.

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