Kids Smartwatch Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

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Kids Smartwatch Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what to know before you buy a smartwatch for your child?

Are you thinking of buying a good smartwatch for your kid recently?

This is an extremely clever plan, but you are confused about the features? Are you afraid that you should understand what you need before investing your money in the smartwatch? Well, if you are doing something right then you are seeing what’s the best you should not be worried about. This article may be a good guide to buying the smartwatch right for you at weBond. The features of smartwatches may change, however, in the world we live in these smartwatches save your child’s time and make your life simple.

Things to consider in a smartwatch

Nowadays buying a good smartwatch often becomes a task that you have to do carefully. So if you need as soon as a good smartwatch, then you need to know some things first. Below are discussed tips to buy good smartwatches. You can see and make the right choice for your child from the time that weBond offers.

Not buy a smartwatch that no longer works with your smartphone, so you will have better control over your child.

You should pay attention to assessing the battery life when purchasing a smartwatch. The smartwatches weBond offers use Lithium. You can read more about this here.

Choose a smartwatch that continues to show time even when it is not in use.

You need to pay attention to see if it’s easy to use or not. weBond is designed for children only and is extremely easy to use.
You also need to pay attention to selecting applications. Looking for compatibility, design and other features are important.

In this article, I will show you some of the other details weBond offers you should consider in your purchase.


Kid’s Smartwatch interface: buttons or touch?

Quick Tip: Touchscreen can be harder sometimes to navigate on a small display. Consider a watch that uses both the touchscreen and buttons.

However, you’ll take into account the dimensions of the screen. With the watches typically abundant smaller screens, navigating a touchscreen might not be as convenient. Most smartwatches actively use swiping as how to navigate creating the interaction with the watch less complicated.

Alternatively, you may find it more convenient to have a smartwatch that combines the use of buttons with the touchscreen — like the weBond weConnect Kids Smartwatch or, maybe, a watch that relies primarily on the touchscreen for navigation like the weTalk weBond.


Apps and features you need to have on Kids Smartwatch

This guide point depends on what you as a buyer want your child to have in his hand.

If what you are looking for is a mini-smartphone in your child’s hand, you can check it in real time, so smartwatch should be able to communicate with your phone. Another great option to consider is to make phone calls directly to your child’s watch. I invite you to see the full article what weBond offers here.

Smartwatch protection

Your child will hold a smartwatch for long periods of time in the water, and there is a chance that one can even forget it is there.

Check, Evaluate IP in smartwatch for your baby before buying. When the rating is IP67 or higher, it allows you to enter the phone into the water. You can check our smartwatch WATERPROOF KIDS SMARTWATCH-IP67

Battery Life and Charging

Long-lasting Smartwatch is hard to find. From the good things the battery is always bad in a smartwatch. On average, the battery life of the smartwatch is about 1-2 days. weBond smartwatch has these features as well.


The price for smartwatches depends entirely on brand and model. Ranges from $100 to $1000 depending on the type and company. weBond smartwatch offers you an even cheaper price starts from 67$ and more functionality that you will together in all weBond smartwatches.

weBond Smartwatch Price


You can see full list of comparison of our kid’s smartwatches here

In general, there are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing a smartwatch and if this is your first smartwatch, the truth is you can not be completely sure which features you will use the most. Our quick guide here is to get started with a free model to test the functionality and then see what you use most and what kind of equipment you need for your child.


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