Past the First Day of School with your kids.

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Past the First Day of School

Parents of all school age kids experience some anxiety when leaving our children. Whether it is dropping them off at school, the mall, or park, parents want to know where their kids are and that they are safe.

Parents trust that when we leave our children at school, they will be kept safe and sound in their learning environment. However, despite best efforts, there are times when schools are caught unawares.

To provide another layer of protection for your child and keep track of them, weBond Inc.’s weBond product weConnect, a powerful GPS/tracking smartwatch, can provide tracking and locating solutions to help keep your children safe. Examples where the weBond product weConnect can play an important role in your child’s protection:

  • You can “virtually draw” the boundaries for specific areas in which your children are considered safe (“safe zones”); this technology is known as geo-fencing. You can then create an alert for the weBond product that instructs it to notify you in case the watch crosses the set boundaries. No matter where you are, you can track your child’s movement to keep them safe from harm.
  • A “one touch” SOS feature that allows your child to call for help by simply swiping or touching the user-friendly touchscreen. This would be beneficial for children riding school buses and reduce the likelihood of being left behind and unattended. A simple touch and help is on the way.
  • Your child can call you from school or a school sporting event without having a cell phone because the smartwatch IS a phone. What better way for your child to communicate their location so you can pick them up? Other ways your child can use the weBond product Gen III to communicate are text, voice messaging, and chat.
  • Teaming up with schools, parents and teachers could form a kind of safety net for participating students and schools if they are connected via the weBond product smartwatch and its application. Imagine the school being notified promptly and being able to take action quickly if your child found themselves in a dangerous situation.
  • Because it is a watch design, you wouldn’t have to try and remember to grab it like you would a cell phone in the midst of an emergency.

This small grouping of examples shows how versatile the weBond product Gen III can be.

If parents could, they would try to be in all places at once where their kids are concerned. Since we can’t do that, let theweBond product monitor your child’s whereabouts and alert you when it’s needed. Powerful processing, outstanding connectivity, extended battery life, and a longer product life combine to bring you the best value in a compact and sturdy design.

At weBond, we want to bring the weBond product weConnect smartwatch to parents, grandparents, and kids to help locate loved ones and keep them safe and happy. At weBond, we understand parent’s concerns for their children’s safety.

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