School Days in the 21st Century with kids and student

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School Days in the 21st Century with kids and student

Hundreds of kids move along the corridors, the sound of laughter and bits of conversation drift over the student body as they make their way to class. The principal looks up and down the hallways, making eye contact with the more spirited students in a silent message that speaks volumes. The principal ushers the last of the stragglers to their next classes…

This is just a small glimpse of one of the many activities a principal will perform during a school day. A principal has an impact on the students they teach and make no mistake, it is a large impact. As a principal, they also have a larger indirect impact on students, teachers, and support personnel. But the focus remains on the students and ensuring they receive an education in a safe environment.

To help ensure this goal is met, resources and tools must be used to their fullest potential. A tool that can benefit schools is weBond product weConnect, a powerful tracking device within a smartwatch, which lets you locate children by activating weBond’s robust tracking application from a cell phone.

There are several situations where the weBond product smartwatch would play an important part in a favorable outcome:

  • Bullying. Quick intervention by an authority figure would deescalate this type of situation. Imagine a student finding themselves in this position making a few simple swipes on a user-friendly touchscreen to call for help. Immediate response could deter future incidences.
  • By creating an alert on the weBond product, you can be notified when a student who wears this watch leaves the school grounds. This technology, known as geo-fencing, allows you to “virtually draw” a boundary for a specific area. When the smartwatch crosses those virtual boundaries, the GPS locator relays that information and creates a notification, which is sent to the primary person.
  • A child wearing this smartwatch can call for help using the SOS feature and alert school officials. A “one touch” feature that comes in especially handy if the child finds themselves in danger and time is important. This would come in handy for school buses as well and reduce the incidences of kids being left alone of the bus.

These are just three examples showing different uses the weBond product weConnect smartwatch could play in helping school officials keep kids safe.

Past events involving violence at schools has left officials looking for ways to mitigate risks and provide security for students and faculty alike. Imagine if the weBond product could have been used to quickly communicate between teachers and school officials and local officials to coordinate efforts. Response time would be reduced. Because it is a watch design, you wouldn’t have to try and remember to grab it like you would a cell phone in the midst of an emergency.

At weBond, we are dedicated to bring the weBond product weConnect smartwatch to parents, grandparents, and kids to help keep track of loved ones. At weBond, we care about children like educators do.

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