Keep track of your kids and shop sometimes

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Keep track of your kids and shop sometimes

Shopping sometimes require the skills of a magician by keeping track your kids.

Whether it’s the holiday shopping season or just your average family outing to the local mall.

And if your kids are older and allowed to go to shop sometimes in certain areas without their parents, you have the added challenge (and worry) of locating them when it’s time to leave. #kidtracker

That’s not the end of it either – besides managing the family “round up” and “roll call” during these shopping trips, we can’t ignore the fact that our world isn’t always as safe as we would like. We’d be fooling ourselves and playing with the safety of our family if we ignored the darker side of society.

One case out of Massachusetts involves a nine-year-old girl who was almost abducted from Berkshire Mall. As reported by the local news:

She (the mother) said the man tried to abduct her 9-year old. They had just gotten out of the movies when her daughter went down a hallway by the food court to go to the bathroom.

The girl then said a man came from behind, put his hand on her shoulders, and pulled her hair. He let go of her when some people came out of the women’s restroom.

“She ran to my mom, and she said, ‘Some guy just tried to take me,’” the victim’s mother said.

Lanesborough Police Chief Tim Sorrell said there are no surveillance cameras by the hall, but they made a composite sketch of the suspect.

“It’s the only thing we have to go on,” he said.

Had people not come out of the restroom when they did, this outcome could have ended quite differently. The lack of surveillance cameras in key areas of this mall only underscores the need to take action to ensure your family’s security.

What’s the best way to track your kids? Which wearable GPS will help keep your children safe? How reliable are kid’s GPS smartwatches? GPS smartwatch reviews and word of mouth recommendations provide some answers to these questions but there are many choices. Which GPS smartwatch to choose? #childtracker #wearablegps #kidsgpswatch

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Adding the weBond product weConnect smartwatch to your child’s protection is a wise investment. What price is too much when it concerns your child’s safety and happiness? Don’t let your child become a statistic in crimes against children.

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