Vanished – It will not happen with weBond smartwatch

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Vanished - It will not happen with weBond smartwatch

No parent ever wants to discover their loved one is missing. The horror, worry, and heartache is devastating to the family and friends. It’s easy to think that this could never happen to us but the facts are, no family is 100% safe from this tragedy.It will not happen with weBond smartwatch

A few statistics to think about (then think about the weBond smartwatch) :

  • As of December 31, 2016, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File has 88,040 active missing persons on record. Almost 40% of those missing person records (38.3%) are for juveniles under the age of 18.
  • Other statistics show that one in six of those juveniles reported by NCIC as missing are likely victims of child-trafficking. Recent news stories supporting this number involved a young teen who was held captive for 29 days before escaping her kidnappers by swimming across the lake. Another 13-year-old that jumped from a moving truck to escape her assaulter. These are just the ones that have made the headlines; it is suspected the actual number of child-trafficking incidences is much larger.
  • When you look at abductions, past studies have shown the months of June, July and August have higher rates (family/non-family) than other months and when you think about the contributing factors, it makes sense. The summer months are when children leave the safety of the school environment and go to parks, beaches, and malls, and are able to stay out later. Because of this greater freedom, they make themselves more accessible to would-be abductors.

Children shouldn’t be kept from enjoying their summer days and be afraid to go outside. With the advances of wearable GPS technology and tracking software it is now possible for parents to use GPS smartwatches to provide a layer of protection so their kids can continue to play safely. However, not all GPS smartwatches are the same.

What capabilities would parents want in a GPS smartwatch? How about the ability to track kids in real-time? Be able to take action by alerting the authorities directly or immediately contact their child in case of a potential threat?

weBond Inc. believes that is exactly what a kid’s GPS smartwatch should do. Add in a user-friendly touchscreen where commands are a simple swipe away and one-touch buttons to call for help or a trusted person. Now couple these capabilities with powerful processing, extended battery and product shelf life, and finally package it in a sturdy yet stylish casing of bold and vibrant colors. That description fits the weBond’s weBond product Gen III GPS smartwatch.

Imagine if the two young teens mentioned earlier in this article had worn a weBond product smartwatch. One push of its “SOS” button on the weBond product and weBond’s tracking application and programmed notifications would have activated to help locate the wearer. Such information would have given law enforcement agencies the leads they needed to help them with a quick recovery. A quick recovery that quite possibly would have prevented most of the horrible acts they ended up enduring.

Help keep your family safe – weBond’s weBond product Gen III smartwatch is an effective and affordable tool to add to your family’s personal protection system.

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