weBond Inc. Products Limited Warranty

Who is covered?

Verified customers with a sales receipt or any other legitimate proof of purchase.

What is not covered?

Product warranty does not cover the following items:

  • Product replacement because of tampering with the physical product
  • Damages arising from accidents, water or destruction (weSport excluded from water damage)
  • Damages, defectiveness or in-operation due to mishandling

Make sure you keep…

Receipts, Box, and any material inside the box

Instructions before requesting product service.

Please follow:

  1. The user manual instructions
  2. Instructions to contact weBond through email.
  3. A technical support specialist instruction to get your issue resolved

In case your product does not operate, and our technical support cannot resolve your issue, they will guide you through the instructions for the return process.

What Does product limited warranty cover?

weBond uses new standard electronic devices to manufacture its product products. weBond Inc. warranties that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the limited warranty period as described by this document.

weBonds’ limited warranty coverage begins the day of purchase of the product for a period of one year. For the first 15 days from the purchase date, the product units will be replaced with a refurbished, renewed or comparable product if it becomes defective. There will be no charge to purchasers for parts and/or labor (Taxes, if any, may become applicable). Purchasers will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

From 15 days to 365 days from the purchase date, the product will be replaced with a refurbished, renewed or comparable product if it becomes defective and customers will be responsible for all labor and shipping costs. Customers may contact Support by email or call the phone numbers on the main website www.weBondinc.com and submit an electronic ticket for the issue they are seeing.

Products, including repaired, refurbished or replaced products, are covered for one year from the time of purchase, after which the warranty will expire.

weBond Inc. does not accept any responsibilities beyond information shared in this Limited Warranty Document.