weBond Smartwatch, The Best Kids Smartwatch You Can Buy

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weBond Smartwatch

Why choose webond smartwatch as your favorite watch to look after your kids?

weBond smartwatch is ideal to be used within the house or on the go, this multifunction contrivance guarantees different fun options, voice recorder, calculator, and more, endless hours of education and diversion area unit simply the start for four to a fifteen-year recent kid. children can love it! Built-in camera, time master, and different fun, stimulating activities which will keep them occupied for hours. With different fun options, voice recorder, calculator, and more, endless hours of education and diversion area unit simply the start.

WeBond smartwatch give your child the freedom of movement while staying connected! Now, that is quite a relief!

Parent’s think that they don’t do their homework for childcare. I totally disagree with this.

I totally agree with you that the care of children should not be overlooked. Children are the most important for us.

The good news is that weBond has been thinking about you and has launched the best smartwatch on market to look after your kids. Useful functionalities that will make your kid feel safe when they are not around you.

Smartwatches aren’t only for adults. It is a handy tool that kids will get in on the fun too.

Of course, you wouldn’t wish to give your kid a $250+ smartwatch within the hopes that they might take glorious care of it.

Luckily, weBond smartwatches is specifically designed with youngsters in mind.

What are the functionalities that make weBond your favorite brand for your kids?

smartwatch features weBond

  8. SMS



Would you like to know where your child is in real time?

What is GPS, and how does it work?

Let’s begin with the basics. Your smartwatch uses GPS — or world Positioning System — to visualize your actual location through a technique mentioned as triangulation.

“Triangulation is a way to determine the difference between the time that your smartwatch receives a GPS signal and the time that GPS signal was sent to your smartwatch. The difference between sending and receiving a GPS signal determines how far away the satellite is,” explained Dan Lund, Product Marketing Manager of TomTom, to Digital Trends.

That process gets repeated with satellites that sit further away from the watch receiver, which pins down its exact location and continues to track the receiver throughout the activity.

“By integrating GPS technology in a fitness or sports watch, the watch measures a series of points that are used to accurately derive metrics like distance, speed, and pace. These metrics give runners real-time insight into their running performance,” Lund added.

webond smartwatch gps accuracy


What does it mean to have a camera on your kid’s smartwatch?

Why even have one?

Endless photo with your smartwatch. Your child will be taking pictures with friends and will be delighted by having his memories of a happy kid.

Your child will do a lot of photos with you and will enjoy reading memories in his smartwatch.

webond smartwatch camera


Smartwatch with Sim Card?

True, your communication with the child will be easier. Now you will be able to talk to your child through the weBond smartwatch

Initially, we are launching with T-Mobile services. All T-Mobile customers have the choice to purchase a sim card.

You do not need to have any particular provider because we provide a phone number and sim card anyways. You can read more on FAQ.

webond smartwatch sim card t-mobile


No parent ever wants to discover their loved one is missing. The horror, worry, and heartache is devastating to the family and friends. It’s easy to think that this could never happen to us but the facts are, no family is 100% safe from this tragedy. It will not happen with a weBond smartwatch.

  • In case of an emergency in which help is needed there is an SOS button that can be pressed to call for help.

webond smartwatch sos/normal calling


Through the APP, folks will monitor the child’s location in real time, monitor the child’s calls and remote ending.

Parents will remote the camera on the phone app or the kid directly use it on the watch.

Remote Voice Monitor: Set the voice monitor range in the application, dial the quantity, the watch can mechanically answer while not reminding that the folks will hear the youngsters in secret.

weBond smartwatch remote monitor


If you are upset concerning your kid’s sleep, or simply interested knowing a lot of about it, a weBond smartwatch will offer a helpful summary of kid’s sleep, and even assist you to improve it.

weBond smartwatch has an elegant design that looks great during the day and is slim enough to feel comfortable when you wear it in bed.

webond smartwatch sleep monitor


As children become additional freelance, we would like to foster their sense of responsibility and provides them space to prove themselves. however, it may be troublesome to navigate this natural separation, particularly once children do who-knows-what on their devices. There area unit constant questions: wherever area unit they? Who’s contacting them? What are they doing online? Since tweens and teenagers area unit usually tight-lipped concerning their lives, it may be tough to urge clear answers. You will know where your child was during the day. We have an option for this so that you know about your child all day long.

weBond Smartwatch History Tracking


You are also provided with the ability to text or voice message your child with any messages you would like them to get. The child can send a text or a voice message as well.

webond smartwatch sms


When you’re ready for children to take responsibility for getting themselves out of bed and ready for school in the morning, it’s time they each have their own alarm clocks  (instead of the mama or papa “alarm clock”). As we have a tendency to work on creating higher morning routines for our youngsters, one necessary factor is that we wish them to be answerable for obtaining themselves out of bed in the morning. We’re attempting to boost children who will go be freelance members of society – which suggests learning to get up on time on their own. however, we’d like associate degree timepiece for every child.  weBond have this feature and is the best to wake up your child.

webond smartwatch alarm clock


With youngsters disbursement longer inside and on their electronic devices, it’s even a lot of vital to induce them motivated to be a lot of action. A measuring system may be a good way to encourage activity and permit youngsters to trace their progress. When buying a kids’ measuring system, it’s vital to think about your child’s age, needs, and preferences. Some youngsters might want a basic step counter to trace their daily steps, however, others would possibly like a convenience with some a lot of practicality. And whereas youngsters ages 3 to seven want a straightforward, easy-to-use device, older youngsters will handle (and in all probability would like) some further options. weBond smartwatch has it all features you kids need.

weBond smartwatch best pedometer


All these functions need a good battery. We have this, 650maAh battery, more lasting, more durable, more awesome.

webond smartwatch battery



All of these features only offer your favorite brand at an affordable and specialized price to take care of your child. You can BUY NOW  your favorite kid’s smartwatch here with different color and different price.
 For any information you may need, you can contact us at any time.

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